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We encourage kids to create, learn, and play with the latest high-tech tools used by industry professionals. Our summer camps, after school, and vacation week programs are a great way for students to explore new technologies and build a portfolio of projects. Many students have returned to RoboTech as interns and gone on to work at Google, Microsoft, MIT, Occulus, Facebook, NVidia, Bain & Capital, Ford, and more.

We make technology education fun with world-class programs.


Our goal is to expose children to advanced engineering concepts and technologies using easy to understand paradigms. Our intent is to invoke the inquisitive discovery processes within every person and encourage them to be trailblazers into the future by adventuring into new technological frontiers.


RoboTech Center was founded in 2002 by the Swamy family. The first RoboTech program was a 3-hour workshop at the Nashua public library for 25 students. Programs quickly evolved to whole summers and 500+ students each year, from all over the world.

Today, RoboTech Center remains a family owned and operated small business with the same goal of empowering kids to create and explore new high tech technologies.

"I really liked making my own game and learning from the great instructors in the Mario Game Design class"

Our Courses

Course Name Description Grade Level
2D Video Game Creator Create 2D PC video game with Sprites, sounds, projectiles, boss and background. Take home your game and share it with friends & family. 3 - 7
Design and Engineer Hovercrafts Explore principles of thrust, motors, propellers, component layout, balance and weight. Engineer and customize your hovercraft. Take home your creations and share it with friends and family. 3 - 7
Design Robots for Moon Missions Design, create and program robots to simulate missions to the Moon. Build a rover and activate it to pick up and place objects, rotate and move on Lunar Terrains. Solve fun missions and create videos of your robot missions to show off your creativity to friends and family! 3 - 7
iPhone/Android Mobile Game Design Enjoy playing games like Angry Birds on the iPhone? Learn to explore game design process to create video games for the iPhone/Android and share with friends and family. No iPhone device or programming experience required 3 - 7
Build/Program Robots For LEGO Missions Enjoy watching cool robots in the movie Big Hero 6? Build LEGO Mindstorms robots and program them to solve missions. Show off your creations to friends and family during a robot parade, with music, on Friday! 3 - 7
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